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Within a short time of the passing of my beloved husband of almost 25 years, I received the large gold and silver cups in the mail from Dr. Carla Bozajeski. I set them up at first in the middle of the living room floor, in a geometric pattern of 3, 3 and 3, so that I could sit in the middle holding one in my lap.

My consciousness was greatly altered from the death experience already, so I was curious what would happen when I sat in the grid. As I write this I remember my crown chakra opening even more than it was already, more white light blazing up, a sense of the heavenly host more strongly poignant all around me....a sense of being simultaneously in this dimension and in the heavenly realms, a sense of wonder, of being embraced by beings of another higher realm.

Then I felt guided to put them under my mattress to sleep on. I carefully placed them in the grid pattern, and that night experienced the most restful, blissful, and comforting sleep. Even though Michael my husband was no longer sleeping next to me, I felt the presence of the Divine ever more strongly all around me. Every night since then I drop off to sleep in this most sacred of energy. The feelings I feel and the sensation of the energy field reminds me of when I was a small infant, producing deep Delta brainwaves of pure being and unity with Divine Consciousness and All Life. The energy feels like home, like comfort, like being in heart of the Divine Mother. Being in the heart of the divine sums it up well.

I want to add that simultaneously with experiencing the energy of the cups, I am loving, respecting, and thanking all of my feelings as they come up, processing the death experience of my beloved. I know that the processing of feelings, letting them flow; the tears, the pain, the changes, with love, respect and gratitude, combined with experiencing the energy and sacred beings of the cups are working together very synergistically. I feel that these two approaches are important to join together. Feelings change and purify when they flow with love, respect, and gratitude. The cups catalyze holiness and enlightenment...they work so well together!

I see it as a miracle that the cups have come into my life at this time of immense change. I am so deeply and humbly grateful. I am also taking the white/rose powder each day, putting a small amount in my drinking water. The water tastes so sweet, the energy rush so blissful each time. What a comfort to have this at this time!

With love,
Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser

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