I am Dr. Carla Bozajeski (aka Bowes). I have developed a most unique and powerful combination of rare and exotic natural products that will assist your body, mind & spirit to facilitate and tranform itself. Your life will attain an incredible state of well being when using my Age Reversal Technology (ART) for Life.

You will actually be able to stop and reverse the aging process. I will personally guide and instruct you in creating your own personal protocol to tranform any health condition or challenge you might be experiencing. Now you can experience the most wonderful life you could imagine for yourself!

I am very excited to share with you, your immediate and future health concerns. You are invited to be my guest every Wednesday evening on my Global Mannathon Conference Call to discuss the magical life that is waiting for you!

Please join me live featuring: "Powdered Manna", "White &
Pink Powders of Gold" and "Liquid Mannas"
Over 1000 naturally formulated products for optimum health and lifestyle

Dr. Carlas Global Mannathon Show
Time: 6:00pm-7:30pm PST
Conference Call-in Number:
(661) 673-8600 pin 488708#

Archive Conference
Call-in Number

(661) 673-8609 pin 488708#

NEW Contact Number
(415) 891-7479

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Carla Bozajeski's True-Original-Natural-Sourced "White Powder of Gold" Incapsulated in June 1995...All 69,000 Capsules IMPLODED because the quantity and quality of the Mono-Atomic Elements were too EXPLOSIVE to be contained in capsule form.

Join me every Wednesday Evening to hear the real story of this extraordinary product that David Hudson's chemist, Dr. Don Carl Dukes analyzed and confirmed to have found DOUBLE DIGITS of MILLIGRAMS per 1/4 teaspoon of Mono-Atomic Rhodium, Iridium and Gold .

This product is formulated with PINK and WHITE Powders of Gold and regularly sells for $72.00 per gram, $360.00 per 5 gram vial. To celebrate this 12 year anniversary, Dr. Carla Bozajeski N.D. is offering an introductory special price for a limited time only on a first-come, first serve basis while supplies last, a true Blue Moon Special ... When something rare happens, the saying of Once in a Blue Moon indicates that certain and unusual conditions must prevail in order for a "Blue Moon" to occur!

Take advantage now of this Blue Moon Special for $99.99 while supplies last. We suggest that Visa and Mastercard be used at our shopping cart to expedite the quickest delivery by our staff.